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 The idea of getting your fire extinguisher servicing on a regular basis may seem unnecessary to you. However, it can be life-saving. Actually, doing so can save your life. You or your employees could be at high risk in case of a sudden fire breakout so good fire extinguisher maintenance is essential. 

Unfortunately, in domestic buildings, the number of fires occurred in the UK in the year 2017-18 was 37,740 as per Home Office statistics.

What’s more? Did you know the number of fires took place in non-domestic buildings in the United Kingdom in 2013-14? Shockingly, it was 22,200. More worrying, it caused 1,083 injuries, and 17 deaths. 

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 All these stats necessitate having fire extinguisher servicing, without a doubt. 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in the UK is Mandatory:

 Not only is keeping with proper fire extinguisher maintenance stress-releasing, but it is also mandatory for non-domestic buildings in the UK. 

Notably, having at least two 'Class A' extinguishers on every storey of the premises is mandatory for every UK resident as per UK fire extinguisher regulations.

Moreover, owners of industrial and commercial building require keeping regularly-serviced fire extinguisher servicing in their buildings always as per the stipulation of The Fire Safety Order of 2005. 

Timely Fire Extinguisher Servicing is Stipulated:

If you have fire extinguishers in your building, you are well-prepared for dealing with a sudden break out of fire in the premises. However, what’s essential is proper fire extinguisher servicing and fire extinguisher maintenance at the right time. 

Even if your fire extinguisher is not in use for a long time, you still need to get it serviced once in a while for keeping check and balance.  

In this regard, you need to keep track of all of your fire extinguisher equipment on monthly, annually and five years basis. This way, you can ensure safety as well as well-functioning of the whole equipment. More profitably, it adds to the lifespan of the equipment as well.


The British Standard for fire extinguishers suggests yearly fire extinguisher servicing for ensuring their proper functioning always. 

More importantly, a professional service engineer should serve the purpose. In this reference, the professional you approach for having relevant services should be BAFE certified. All Busta Facility Services engineers are BAFE certified.


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Fire Extinguishers come in all shapes and sizes.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

A look at whats involved with a full Fire Extinguisher 5 year service.

Wondering What Does A Professional Technician Do?

In fact, a professional BAFE certified technician carries out thorough inspection of the equipment of your fire extinguisher on-premises. From fire extinguisher servicing, fire extinguisher maintenance to installation, he does all that is required for facilities management to make sure of your safety. 

What’s even better? Busta Facility Services also offer fire risk assessment, fire alarm solutions and emergency light testing.

Are You In Hunt for Fire Extinguisher Servicing London?

In case you are looking for fire extinguisher servicing near me, you will find Busta Facility Services your reliable partner for fire extinguisher maintenance, inspection and servicing. We’ve put in years of excellence and have made our way amongst the leading fire extinguishing servicing companies in the UK. 

Needle-less to say, getting fire extinguishing services from a legit source is what gives value to your cost. With the help of our certified and well-experienced professionals, we deliver the right facilities services needed to save you from those unfortunate, sudden fire breakouts. 

When it comes to fire extinguisher installation, our experts use the right expertise, the latest tools and incorporate cutting-edge technology. This is how they perform their job just aptly. 

More amazingly, they are kept updated with best practices and abide by the current safety regulations. 

At the time of servicing, they carry out a careful examination of your fire extinguisher and look for the fire risk assessment as well. To avoid any fire safety regulation breach, they give attention to the detail. For instance, they will look if the levers, nozzles, hoses and/or pins are damaging or damaged. Otherwise, damaging of these components can be ruining to the performance of your fire extinguisher. 

In addition to this, they also ensure intactness of the tamper seals. Also, they test pressure for the verification of their standard safety limits. 

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Fire Extinguishing Equipment:

Maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment is one of the duties of the responsible owner of a building. Over and above that, checking for any required upkeep and maintenance is a component of the fire risk assessment.

Our well-versed technicians do the job for you by carrying out fire extinguisher servicing and fire extinguisher maintenance on a regular basis.

Apart from that, do you need your fire extinguisher equipment replacing as it is worn out now? We have got you covered. 

 Facilitating our customers to the maximum possible degree is our utmost concern. For that reason as well as offering fire extinguisher servicing and fire extinguisher maintenance, we also offer a broad array of fire extinguishing equipment. In addition to providing high quality, our equipment also comes with durability. 

With regard to fulfilling the requirements of both insurers and clients to meet any kind of risk, we come up with appropriate and correct fire extinguishing products. 

Be it fire extinguisher trolleys and stands, fire extinguisher signs, fire protection doors etc.  

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Servicing After Five Years:

 Since you need an extended service for every fire extinguisher in the premises after every five years, we offer this  services also. Not only are our experts carry out the annual fire extinguisher servicing but also monitor the internal and working conditions if you opt for the extended fire extinguisher maintenance service.

How much does fire extinguisher servicing cost?

In case you are thinking of what do we charge for our professional fire extinguisher maintenance services, relax as our prices are not wallet-hurting. We have different service packages available at different rates to meet individual requirements. 

Let us take the worry of fire extinguisher servicing away from you. Giving you more time to concentrate on your prime business goals. We are happy to take on your property compliance needs. 

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